KLM flight arrivals to Hangzhou Airport (HGH)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Hangzhou is GMT 8:00. Local Time at Hangzhou airport is 22:46 PM 2021-01-22

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
KL831 (ICN) Seoul 17:05 Scheduled On time
KL4771 (DLC) Dalian 09:25 Scheduled On time
KL8855 (CAN) Guangzhou 22:15 Scheduled On time
KL4520 (CGQ) Changchun 10:55 Scheduled On time
KL4561 (CAN) Guangzhou 11:10 Arrived On time
KL4935 (XMN) Xiamen 19:45 Cancelled
KL4742 (WUH) Wuhan 18:05 Cancelled
KL4759 (URC) Urumqi 23:00 Scheduled On time
KL4637 (CAN) Guangzhou 12:15 Arrived On time
KL3785 (CTU) Chengdu 23:40 Cancelled
KL4464 (CAN) Guangzhou 10:10 Arrived On time
KL8853 (TYN) Taiyuan 10:50 Arrived On time
KL4517 (CGO) Zhengzhou 16:20 Scheduled On time
KL4583 (WUH) Wuhan 19:50 Scheduled On time
KL8858 (XMN) Xiamen 13:35 Scheduled On time
KL4587 (NNG) Nanning 15:40 Arrived Delayed by 1h 6m
KL3765 (CAN) Guangzhou 20:20 Cancelled
KL4655 (KWE) Guiyang 09:35 Arrived On time
KL4536 (SHE) Shenyang 18:45 Scheduled On time
KL4651 (CGO) Zhengzhou 11:45 Arrived On time
KL4530 (SZX) Shenzhen 10:15 Arrived On time
KL4479 (DLC) Dalian 09:35 Arrived On time
KL8860 (KMG) Kunming 09:40 Scheduled On time
KL881 (AMS) Amsterdam 10:50 Cancelled
KL4527 (SYX) Sanya 21:00 Unknown
KL4697 (CGO) Zhengzhou 19:50 Scheduled
KL4475 (PEK) Beijing 21:05 Landed
KL4965 (CGQ) Changchun 17:00 No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
KL4937 (PEK) Beijing 10:40 Unknown
KL4740 (URC) Urumqi 23:05 Landed
KL4672 (CGO) Zhengzhou 19:50 Landed Late
KL4700 (SHE) Shenyang 11:50 Landed
KL4581 (XNN) Xining 14:30 Landed
KL8819 (PEK) Beijing 14:55 Landed
KL4729 (DLC) Dalian 09:35 Landed